The Archi/ologist

Location: Miami, FL

This blog will be used to challenge many new techniques in Architecture and bring about more questions for designing. Precedents will be analyzed as well as made connections with. This is a space for research and professional growth. A space where the author, as well as the readers, can learn new things and share the knowledge. All about developing new ideas and concepts from a student’s point of view.

Why “Archi/ology”?

Archi/ology is a fun way to recognize Architecture as a field of “scientific” study and start a new trend. But more importantly, it is an invitation to start investigating Architecture as a phenomenon and as a historic precedent of ideas and concepts over time. To challenge and research the built-world around us.

About the Founder

Maria Flores is a student located in Miami, Florida in United States. Her passion for architecture has brought her to create a blog about finding out more on the extensive knowledge of the area of study that is Architecture. As many researchers and professionals have been trying to find more ways to create better and more innovative buildings, Maria will challenge those aspects and create new points of view for many topics in Architecture.

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