Rasmus Romme Brick Maabjerg

Stud. Aarch.maa. 

Danish architecture student from Aarhus School of Architecture, doing a semester abroad at New Jersey institute of technology. Works as photographer at www.arkitekturbilleder.dk 

Harrison Center of Death

What and who constitutes the public? Research project about the concept of WORK and CO-Work. The focus of the project is the intersection of public(s) and assemblies as it pertains to the people of the town Harrison NJ. How can the identification of publics and critical analysis inform the production of an assembly of work. 

It is a project that deals with both physical and non-physical datastorage, related to both the residents of Harrison and the transitory people comming in and out of the city. Both low and high skill work is perform in form of physically handeling of the items and highskill managing of the non-physical data. 

instaname: @rasrmb

Posted by:archiologist

I am a Masters Architecture student at Florida International University with a passion for architectural research and learning precedent studies. My interests include hand sketching and writing.

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