Aglae Rodriguez

First I would like to say that none of my paintings are a projection of something that exists. It is a collection of stains, reflecting on feelings, being a foreigner and the imagination.

Stains of the Future

After studying the responses of figures in the Rorschach test, it makes me think that perception better fits the subconscious mind. It is what our eyes see from the test that gives our reason in another sense, whether it is smell, music or touch. For this reason, the message of my work is very personal and changes in the mind of each person. But, even with the wide variety of interpretations within the crude messages, my marks are the morals from some of the experiences of my life. This is the message that I want to transmit through my paintings.

Posted by:archiologist

I am a Masters Architecture student at Florida International University with a passion for architectural research and learning precedent studies. My interests include hand sketching and writing.

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