Week 10: 12/12/16-12/23/16:


As always, we would like to thank everyone who tagged us on Instagram with their projects. Remember to keep tagging and letting us know where you are from (what school/country). Follow us/tag us on Instagram: @thearchiologist.

Best Models


Student: MCC (@adamcuii)
Statement: “Thesis project ‘Super creative-hub’ in 5th year BA studio of professor @mitchellsquire. An utopian vision for modern innovative class. Site location: San Francisco. Team: @diaodiaoiasaac @dianyuyang @zejunli@adamcuii #sanfrancisco #megastructure#citywithinacity…”
Universty: from College of Design at Iowa State University.


Professor: James F Kerestes (@jameskerestes), Assistant Professor
Student: Jacob Brown
Statement: “Waffle model with added skin system by student Jacob Brown for Digital Design at #ballstatearchitecture…”
University: Ball State University


Student: Piyanka Poddar (@priyanka.poddar)
“Final // 3D print proto architectural landscape and embedded structure – Cyborg Ecology”
University: from Pratt Institute

Best Renderings


Student(s):Mateus Gibson (@mateusgibson) and Natália Barretto (@naticlbarretto)
Statement: “The Urban Cloud intends to question the saturation, patrimony and skyline of our cities and its expansion above the existing grid. The proposal of a Museum of Contemporary Art and Cultural Center acts as an activator of this new and expandable grid which occupies the void above our cities.”
from Recife, Brazil


Student: Lucas Morant (@lucasmorant)
Statement: “‘What is Space? Space itself can not be, one become aware of space”
University: UCF Architecture Studios


Student: Jessica Kaley (@jessica.kaley)
Statement: “Hanging glass ‘innovation tanks’ creating floating architecture in my final design for the new Miami Beach Urban Studios. Procession of interactive spaces, followed by smaller scaled intimate spaces to successfully generate innovation. Only 1 Semester left til my Masters of Architecture Degree this May! #fiuFINALS #interiors…”
University: Florida International University

Best Diagrams/Sketches


Student: JJCHOCK (@jj_chock)
Statement: “Axon”


Student: Paul Germaine McCoy (@paulgermaine)
Statement: “In-Between Wings. The physical and the visual connected in one cloud of consciousness. Framing Domenech Montaner and elevating the plaza”


Student: Mike Chiappa (@mikechiappa)
Statement: “ARCH503G ‘Public(s) Assemblies of Work’ second year graduate studio | exploded axonometric section #njit
University: NJIT

Again, thank you all for participating!
– Happy Holidays


Posted by:archiologist

I am a Masters Architecture student at Florida International University with a passion for architectural research and learning precedent studies. My interests include hand sketching and writing.

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