Week 9: 12/03/16-12/12/16:

Thanks to everyone who tagged us on Instagram with their projects. Remember to keep tagging and letting us know where you are from (what school/country). Follow us/tag us on Instagram: @thearchiologist.

Best Models


Student: Ruan Van Staden (@ruanvanstaden_633)
Statement: “THE IN-BETWEEN SPACE #gsa_uj #gsa_unit13
Submitted by: GSA Unit 13


Student: Bryant Lau (@bryantlaulc)
Statement: “Collaborative Tower”
University: NUS Y3S1


Firm: ORFILA11 arquitectos (@orfila11.arquitectos)
Statement: Concurso – Centro de oficinas para la S.Social en Sanlúcar la Mayor, Sevilla [España]. Segundo premio.


Best Renderings


Student: Maria Flores (@mariaflowers)
Statement: “Final project for design 8… Based on modifying an alley in Miami Beach. My solution place a vertical gridded scaffold that has a narrative. With different installations all around. Featuring the pink installation: a fluffy pink organism that sticks to the grid and created spaces. Voyeurism.”
University: Florida International University


Student: José Abreu (@abre_u)
Stamenet: “Machine and birds #saltmarsh#prattinstitute #graduateschool#brooklyn
University: Pratt Institute


Student: Ibikunle Olalekan (@ibikunle_olalekan)
Statement: “A simple geometry of cubes with a large glass facade to provide natural illumination inside along with a good link of the surrounding landscape. #architecture #residence #linework
Location: Not Specified

Best Diagrams/Sketches


Student: Kobus Marais (@___marais)
Statement: “Unseen Infrastructures #gsa_uf #gsa_unit13…”
Submitted by: GSA Unit 13 (@gsa_unit_13)


Student: Tyler Woods Mauri (@ty__woods)
Statement: “Arctic housing typologies tests #ADG #sendit…”
University: UVa SoA M.Arch 2018:


Student: (@yangsiyoung) Projects Archive based in Seoul City.
Statement: “Tourist information center #isometric
Location: Seoul City

Thank you all for participating!

Posted by:archiologist

I am a Masters Architecture student at Florida International University with a passion for architectural research and learning precedent studies. My interests include hand sketching and writing.

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