Week 8: 11/26/16-12/03/16:

Thanks to everyone who tagged us on Instagram with their projects. Remember to keep tagging and letting us know where you are from (what school/country). Follow us/tag us on Instagram: @thearchiologist.

Best Models


Student: Yu Heng (@mazterz)
Statement: “|NEW| Project 4: Apparition”
Location/University: from Singapore.


Student: @nathanlk_
Statement: “studios on circuitry and massing – 11/16 – first term”
University: Architecture student from MNL⠀


Student: Chris Jordano (@chris_jordano)
Statement: “5th years already! #vellum #vellum2016 #light#installation #calpolyarchitecture

Best Renderings


Student: Punkt Architecture Moscow (@mskpnkt)
Statement: “Minimalism interior cabin #collage #3d#drawing


Architecture Firm: MattGoodman Architecture Office (@mg_ao)
Statement: “Just realized that our recent project was influenced by our first project, which was influenced by the work of both Murcutt and Godsell, who we missed speaking at the @mpaviliontoday #MGAO…”


Architecture Studio: Bardia Fallah Studio (@bardia.fallah.studio)
Statement: “Modeling 3D studio max. Vray Rendering”

Best Diagrams/Sketches


Student: Cara Mitchell (@cara_sketches)
Statement: “Last studio final before my thesis studio!#urbanplanning #architectureschool


Student: @le__bigmac
Statement: “Lake pavilion, precedent study”
Location: Ireland


Student: Jimmy C (@jcheng0105)
Statement: “[Memory] 2016. The interesting thing about memory is that the more you try to forget, the more you will remember. But those memories are all fake. “Was I too short to notice the window, or that wasn’t even my room, or maybe I did have the window.” The more he tries to reconstruct his room, the less he is certain about his memory. In the end, he cannot even distinguish which part was the truth or which was altered or totally made up by his imagination. He wishes the view of photo could have a slight angle, so that he can check if his favorite Spider-man poster was on the wall. He wishes, if the temperature, the smell, the sound of the heater on and off… anything that could have been recorded, would enable to reference all these sensible shatters of memory in his head…”


Thank you all for participating!

Posted by:archiologist

I am a Masters Architecture student at Florida International University with a passion for architectural research and learning precedent studies. My interests include hand sketching and writing.

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