Week 6: 11/12/16-11/19/16:

Thanks to everyone who tagged us on Instagram with their projects. Remember to keep tagging and letting us know where you are from (what school/country). Follow us/tag us on Instagram: @thearchiologist.

Best Models


Statement: “Detail 2.0_Wall Section Model. Scale 1:25 Collaborative work with Ibrahim Ibrahim (@ib_ibrahim). Comprehensive Architectural Design Studio VI. Instructor: Professor Marcus Farr.”
Student: by Maryam Aljomairi (@maljumairi95):
University: AUSharjah BHR/UAE.


Statement: “Residential housing design. Conceptual armature design.”
Student: by Jimmy C. (@jcheng0105).
University: RISD M.Arch


Statement: “Final architecture graduate project – the HydroSkin Pod.”
Student: Sabrina Zambetti (@sabrinaaa_zambo).
University: Sydney University of Architecture.

Best Renderings


Statement: “Transitional laboratory // hermit life is over. Hobo life begins…”
Student: Matthew Chen (@messymatty):
University: Not Stated. — From Singapore


Statement: “Plan B. Competition: the city above the city. Guess line Architects. ARC Andrii Lesiuk, Natalua D, Misha Kohut.”
Student/architect: Andrii Lesiuk (@andriilesiuk):
University: Not Stated.


Statement: “Lunar Skyline. Collaboration with Josh Parsley.”
Student/architect: Trevor Mayes (@thetrevormayes):
University: Not Stated.

Best Diagrams/Sketches


Statement: “Percepciones de un caminante” // Perceptions of a walker.
Student: Diego Ortega (@d_liminal):
University: Not Stated // From Chile


Statement: “Когда моделить не хочется”
Student/architect: Nastia Popova (@ppvns):
University: Not Stated // Moscow – Russia


Statement: “Dauntless faction3 presentation thesis”
Student: Mos – (@mosboonrat):
University: Thailand School of Architecture

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I am a Masters Architecture student at Florida International University with a passion for architectural research and learning precedent studies. My interests include hand sketching and writing.

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