Week 5: 11/05/16-11/12/16

Really great stuff for this week! We had new people tagging us as well as some really nice models, renderings and diagrams/sketches. I was thinking that maybe we should also include photography as a part of the weekly top! It would be pretty cool to feature those of you who take amazing photographs of existing buildings. Share your thoughts with me!

Best Models


Statement: “Partial facade study model by student Jonathan Zhang (@jon.zhang) our Facade Workshop with Arup engineering…”
Student: Submitted by Mario Cipresso (@mcipresso)
University: USC Architecture.


Statement: None Submitted
Student: Antoine Wendling (@alvin_bird)
University: Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris


Statement: “Conceptual construct // architectural transparency // spatial legibility”
Student: Sam Horochowski (@samchowski)
University: Philadelphia University

Best Renderings


Statement: School project, proposal for the extension of the Engineering University.
Student: Rares Fotau (@raresfotau)
University: Not Stated


Student: Salvatore Scandurra (@salscandurra)
University: Not Stated


Statement: #AparcaXMadrid ‘Al fin una plaza.’ Urban project for one of the entrances to Madrid: A42.
Student: Kevin Moreno (@kevin_moga).
University: University of Alcalá#PlazaEliptica

Best Diagrams/Sketches


Statement: Distorted Peripheries + Gap Territories.  Part of a series drawings compiled for ‘Project 1 – Scanning: Trapped Timefields + Shifting Peripheralities.
Student: Drawing by @alannolan37@shanekenny_92 @stevewalsh282 // Submitted by CCAE M.Arch (@ccae_march).
University: CCAE M.Arch


Statement: The rooves of karm el zeitoun
Student: Lara Abi Saber (@laraabisaber).
University: Not Stated


Statement: Experience of spaces.
Student: Jo Taouxis (@jotaouxis) M.Arch student living in Lincoln U.K.
University: Not Stated

Posted by:archiologist

I am a Masters Architecture student at Florida International University with a passion for architectural research and learning precedent studies. My interests include hand sketching and writing.

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