Davide Trabucco, from Italy.
“I’m a visual artist with studies in architecture. I live and work in Bologna.”

“Confórmi (conformi.tumblr.com) is an archive I started one year ago, to manage my visual references. It is a personal work. instrument that puts prominent or neglected elements in relation, which are already present in our collective visual mind and culture. The work acts on the formal and aesthetic level with images that are immediately understandable, even to the uninitiated. The subtitle Forms belong to nobody underlines that the artist as well as their works are independent: what we have produced doesn’t belong to us anymore, the moment we deliver it to the world. Forms are already in the nature: it’s up to us to work on and give them a new meaning. The working method my research is based on, is comparable to the birth of a new image, it is created the moment architecture, a sculpture or a painting reminds me of something else. The graphic shape is rigorous anfunctional to be easily archived: a square and a diagonal – reveal always the same, similarities and differences. Confórmi have no determined lifespan: It will stop growing the moment the tool is no longer useful. It is an open archive that anyone, at anytime and anywhere can consult online.”

Giacomo Mattè-Trucco, Lingotto, Torino, 1915-1928
Toyo Ito, White U, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 1976
Giovanni Battista Piranesi, “Le antichità Romane”, t. 3, tav. XV. “Veduta di un gran masso, avanzo del Sepolcro della Famiglia de’ Metelli su la Via Appia a cinque miglia dalla Porta S. Sebastiano”, 1756
Valerio Olgiati, Perm Museum XXI, 2008
Yasutaka Hayashi, Hyakumado “Maison à espace explosif”, Tokyo, Japan, 1966-1967
Sepolcro di Eurisace, Roma, I sec. a.C
Superstudio, Un viaggio da A a B, 1969
Christo and Jeanne-Claude, The Floating Piers, Lake Iseo, Italy, 2014-2016
Temporary bridge of barges, Festa del Redentore, Venezia, (from 1577)
Christo and Jeanne-Claude, The Floating Piers, Lake Iseo, Italy, 2014-2016
Posted by:archiologist

I am a Masters Architecture student at Florida International University with a passion for architectural research and learning precedent studies. My interests include hand sketching and writing.

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