Week 3: 10/21/16-10/28/16

Best Models


Statement: Conceptual Model of Casa Dieste
Student: Tanil Raif
University: Chicago IIT


Statement: First semester model
Student: Mackenzie
University: Azrieli School of Architecture


Statement: Post Apocalyptic Urban Form. Speculations of the future city taking ideologies from infrastructure, technological development, anthropocene and the aesthetics of an artificially manufactured world.
Student: Sahil Dagli and Sabarish BP
University: Pratt Institute

Best Renderings


Statement: Residential Tower
Architect: Omar Harb


Statement: Midterm version of the “Creative Cage” a proposal for the new Miami Beach Urban Studios (Interior). View of the 3d Model Gallery, above an exhibit space for Architectural Photography
Student: Jessica Kaley
University: Florida International University


Statement: The Cave
Student: Riccardo De Vicenzo
University: Not Specified

Best Sketches/Diagrams


Statement: The Albion, a structure up on a mountain hill
Student: Ayli Parshukova
University: ASA DSTU


Statement: Project of second semester in grad school
Student: HiYiZhi
University: USC M.Arch2


Statement: Archaeotectural Spatial Typologies, Architecture through Excavations
Student: Karl Karam
University: Bartlett MAHUE

Thanks so much for submitting all these amazing projects!
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Posted by:archiologist

I am a Masters Architecture student at Florida International University with a passion for architectural research and learning precedent studies. My interests include hand sketching and writing.

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