We got the amazing news about Viktoria Modesta going to Florida International University for a lecture, and of course, we were not going to let the chance to speak to her pass by. For those of you that do not know who she is, Viktoria Modesta is a bionic artist, multimedia performance artist, creative director, DJ and a supporter of future innovations. Her work explores modern identity through performance, fashion, avant garde visuals, technology and science.


“Modesta is being championed by Channel 4 as the “world’s first amputee pop artist”. Her music video for her song Prototype – “I’m the model of the future,” she sings – which the channel funded and paid to air in an ad break during the X Factor final on Sunday, has received more than 10m views on the Channel 4 website, and another 1.5m on YouTube. For all that Modesta already looks like a pop star – she is beautiful, with delicate features, and radiates a serene confidence – the video, which carries the channel’s “Born Risky” tagline, celebrates her physical difference. She wears different prosthetics: one a sparkling diamante-covered leg, another a fierce, glossy spike that makes no attempt to resemble a human limb. Perhaps even more powerful – for those of us still unused to seeing images of disability, especially in pop culture – is one particularly sexy scene in which Modesta’s natural leg is on show, the lower part missing below the knee.”


She appeared at FIU thanks to Professor Eric Goldemberg, whose along his architecture and design firm Monad Studio has started collaborating with her along his 3D printed musical instruments and band. We asked her questions such as why she started thinking about [glamorous] prosthetics and what architecture students could learn from her.

To see the full Interview Video, please go to our Youtube Channel or click the link below:


A full transcript of the conversation will be available later today or tomorrow.
As always, we would like to give many thanks to Eric Goldemberg, FLorida International University and Viktoria Modesta herself for such a nice interview and amazing lecture.

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I am a Masters Architecture student at Florida International University with a passion for architectural research and learning precedent studies. My interests include hand sketching and writing.

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